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End of the Road for Rubens

Rubens Barrichello, veteran of 325 Grand Prix and aged 39 years has been replaced by Bruno Senna at Williams.

It’s the end of the road for the popular Brazilian who won 11 races during his time at Ferrari when he was number 2 to the all-conquering Michael Schumacher.  It’s highly unlikely Barrichello will be able to secure another seat as only HRT have yet to announce both drivers for the coming season.

I’ve removed Rubens from the game and replaced him with Senna, if you already picked Rubens you will find he has been removed and your £1M refunded so please choose an alternative driver.

The end of an era for sure, Barrichello’s maiden GP was way back in 1993.

59 days to Melbourne……….


Internet Explorer Users

At long last, thanks to a lot of help from various people online, I’ve got the team selection page working properly for Internet Explorer.

When you choose your team it will now give a running update of your available balance in real-time, so if you change a driver etc the balance changes immediately.  This makes it easier to stick to your budget and it also prevents invalid team selections, ie having the same driver more than once.

It works in Internet Explorer 9 but I cannot test in any older versions of IE, so if you have a chance to do this I would appreciate it, please leave a comment with the outcome.

One quirk of the game is that it will allow you to leave some “blanks” in your team, ie you can elect to only have two drivers, or not bother having engine, aero or chassis.  I’m quite happy to leave this as an option in case you want to pack your team full of expensive drivers and chassis etc, but then don’t have enough cash to fill all the places.

However, due to the rule about not having the same driver more than once, it won’t allow you to pick only one driver as you’d then have “No Driver Selected” for both your other drivers and the script won’t allow this.

Only 67 days to the first GP now, can’t wait!


I’ve added trophies to the site and awarded gold, silver and bronze to the teams who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd for last season.

I’ve also awarded trophies for each Grand Prix, but unfortunately due to some teething problems I had with the site early in the season this hasn’t been possible for all Grands Prix.  If you look at the team pages you’ll see a “trophy cabinet” section under the current team line-up and any trophies will be shown there.

In future every race the top three teams will get a trophy, unfortunately they are just virtual and not worth any money!



New Season

I’ve been busy updating the site over the past day or two and have made some good progress towards getting things ready for the 2012 season.

I’m doing this now as the driver line-up is pretty much sorted, just Williams having to decide whether or not to retain Rubens Barrichello.  I’ve updated the new team names and drivers and based their values on last season’s performances.

There’s still a fair bit of work to do but you can register a new team if you wish, or login using your old team details from last season if you took part and can make changes.  There’s unlimited transfers until the first race of the season in Australia, so feel free to play around with your team selection.

The main problem at the moment is the javascript counter for remaining budget isn’t working for Internet Explorer, I aim to get this fixed before the season starts, please use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or whatever browser you like if you have an alternative to IE.

I also want to add the option of playing for a cash prize, but I need to get some system for accepting payments before I can do that, hopefully I’ve got time before the season begins as it should add some extra interest.