Noses Out Of Joint

With just 40 days to go until the first race of the 2012 season, most of the teams have now unveiled their cars for the campaign.

There’s a definite rush towards the “stepped nose” idea with most teams having something of a ridge just behind the front suspension.  The new rules mean the noses have to be lower than last season and to gain down force a lot of the aerodynamicists have made the middle of the car higher that gives the cars what looks like a small step on the monocoque.

The Ferrari looks uglier than most as it has the stepped nose and a general look of something that was designed using an etch-a-sketch and then built out of Lego.

All the cars seem to have very tidy back ends conversely.

The Red Bull looks very innovative with what looks like an air-inlet where the stepped nose is – not sure if this is another aerodynamic device or maybe to help cooling (driver, KERS?) but I imagine the FIA will want a close look at it!  No doubt there’ll be some complaints about it or the other teams will copy if the RB8 is as successful as last years car.

The McLaren looks the neatest car, if only because it looks quite similar to last year’s effort without stepped nose.

You can see all the new cars here:


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