Trulli Replaced by Petrov at Caterham

Jarno Trulli, winner of the 2005 Monaco Grand Prix has effectively retired from F1 as Caterham announce they are bringing in Vitaly Petrov to replace him for 2012.

At the grand old age of 37 years old, this marks another “ageing” driver moving over to be replaced by a younger man, after Barrichello’s forced retirement last month it seems that in the world of F1 you are deemed to be past it once you get much beyond the mid-thirties.

This leaves Schumacher as something of a sore thumb sticking out at Mercedes as the seven-time world champion hit 43 years old last month.

I’ve already updated the site so that Trulli is no longer available as a driver and so if you have him in your team you may want to replace him, Petrov is available for £1M reflecting the likelihood he has of scoring any points!

While the Italian hadn’t exactly shown any great form during 2011 it must be said that Petrov had only shown glimpses of talent that peaked at the very first race of the season when he got a podium in Australia for the then Renault team.

It remains to be seen if this is the right move for Caterham, who from early testing seem to have made a move in the right direction towards the front of  the grid.  It will be interesting to see how Petrov does against the more experienced Heikki Kovalainen.


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