Come on China!

Apologies for my lack of updates of late, but to be honest I am so bored waiting for the next race to come along, it seems like ages since Malaysia!

Thankfully there’s only another 4 days or so until the Chinese Grand Prix and it should be very interesting.

It’s hard to say based on the first two races, who is the dominant team and if anything it looks fairly evenly matched between McLaren and Red Bull.  Ferrari still seem a bit off the pace to me in the dry but of course when you’ve got a genius like Alonso behind the wheel, any unusual circumstances can bring him into play.

Mercedes have dissapointed so far as they look pretty quick in practise and qualifying but seem to be too hard on their tyres and both drivers have made too many mistakes already, which is odd as Rosberg at least was very consistent last season.

Based on what I’ve seen so far I really couldn’t say who will win in China, if it’s dry I’d favour Hamilton but I’m not going to be placing any bets that’s for sure!

Not much has happened regards developing the website, but it has been running much smoother than last season which is a good thing.

The only issue I know about is the rename team feature that I added was causing some problems so I have temporarily disabled it.  I plan to have this fixed hopefully in time for the Chinese Grand Prix so you can rename your team, change your email address and password etc.


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