Bahrain and Hamilton

Well, Bahrain is on again according to Bernie, does he not read the news?

There is still unrest in the small kingdom and while I agree that sport and politics should not be confused, it doesn’t portray the sport in a good light that it is still hell-bent on putting on a show when people are being badly mistreated by those supposed to be protecting them.

Once again it’s set to be shown up in a bad light when the event is cancelled again for the second year running, or worse still if there’s some kind of security incident or more trouble with the race as the focal point of it.  Better postpone the event until the country is secure again, whether that’s with the current regime or not.  This decision should have been made before the calendar for 2012 was put together so we wouldn’t be in this situation once again.  But as usual with the leaders of the sport, money comes first.

Anyway, looking forward to the Chinese race, looks like Lewis Hamilton is going to struggle as he’s got a 5 place grid penalty for the race and even if he managed to be quickest in qualifying, something he’s never managed to do for 3 consecutive races, he would start in 6th place at best.

I’ve been asked to clarify the rules in such situations, if he does end up quickest in qualifying would he gain the 10 points for those teams who have chosen him as being the pole-sitter?

I’ve decided to stick with the original note in the rules section, I will use whatever rules are published on the website and let them make that decision, a bit of a cowards way out but there you go.  I suspect that they will show him as being in 6th on the grid if he did get the quickest time and so whoever was 2nd would be promoted to pole and therefore get the points. we shall see, I can’t remember the last time a pole-winner elect had to take a grid drop for the race.


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