Bahrain Unrest

I remember being sceptical about the Bahrain Grand Prix when the calendar was released back on 13th December 2011 as there’s been continued unrest for several months now.

There was a worrying incident last night when four Force India team members were caught up in the trouble, it was sufficiently serious for them to decide to leave the country:

I’ve always believed that politics and sport should be kept separate but I now believe that is a naive point of view.  Formula 1 is being shown up in a bad light and this should never have been allowed to happen, the organisers have let everyone down.  It was madness to put the race on the calendar as the unrest was still very much in evidence and the guarantees from the regime in Bahrain count for nothing.

Hopefully there will be no further incidents, I fear there will be and things will get worse, not better.


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