Bahrain Grand Prix, Roundup

I’ll try to avoid the thorny issue of politics as I quickly review the race and what it means to the scoreboard, suffice to say I don’t agree that the race should have been on the calendar in the first place.

It’s been a very unpredictable season so far with 4 winners at the first four races and even more unusually four different constructors, that’s not happened in a VERY long time.  This has meant it’s very tight in the standings with nobody being able to build much of a lead and it’s still very much anyone’s for the taking.

Vettel took a dominant win today and rarely looked troubled, ominously Red Bull look to be back to their best, but from the previous two races perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into it. 

Both Lotus cars were able to compete on race pace with the Red Bull and had they qualified better then perhaps we would have seen Kimi Raikkonen making a comeback win here.  He certainly had a chance to take the lead and by battling through from 11th on the grid I may have to revise my prediction that he wouldn’t win a race all season.  I wonder if there’s ever been a season where 5 different constructors won the five first races?

Lotus are very good value, as are both drivers if you fancy bringing them into your team, but can they maintain their current form?

McLaren are having problems at the moment, they were off the pace in the race and had serious problems getting the wheels back on the cars at the stops.  If there is one team that can bounce back quickly, then you’d have to say it’s McLaren.

Ferrari seem to have made a bit of progress as both their drivers had a good battle through the field to score solid points, while Mercedes seem to have fallen back a little, although they should still be capable of scoring good points.

Paul di Resta was one of the better performances today, have Force India made a step forward?

It appears that tyre wear and temperature is critical and with something so difficult to master, perhaps we will see more unpredictable results this season, certainly I have no idea who is going to win in Spain.

Rosberg was lucky to get away without any penalty today and what happened to the Ferrari unsafe release of Alonso?


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