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Monaco Procession


The start of the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix – Grosjean crashes

After hyping up the race as being one of the most unpredictable Monaco Grand Prixs for ages, I must hang my head in shame as we ended up seeing the usual procession around the streets of the principality.


I didn’t see a single overtake in the whole race and apart from the crash at the start it was a fairly mundane affair.  The threat of rain near the end did momentarily give a sense of impending drama, but even that was anticlimactic and the the fact that it did rain heavily just after the race finished really took the biscuit!

A Mark Webber victory was fairly unexpected before the race weekend but for the pole-sitter to win at Monaco is hardly news.  The fact that most of the leaders ended up one stopping was probably the biggest surprise, as was Vettel’s impressive 4th place finish after his dismal 10th place result from qualifying.

Overall Red Bull performed the best of all the teams, McLaren underperformed as Hamilton was unable to hold onto his position and Button struggled to make any progress at all through the midfield pack.

Ferrari seem to be making continued steady progress and Mercedes did well to underline their race winning credentials, even if they didn’t quite make it to victory.

Lotus flattered to deceive, pity we didn’t get to see what Grosjean could do.

Williams, oh dear!  Maldonado, winner of the previous race showed his petulant side in practise and got a deserved 10 place grid penalty and a further 5 places for having to change his gearbox.  Senna did redeem the team somewhat with a points finish.


Monaco Lottery

Jenson Button at Monaco

This weekends Monaco Grand Prix must surely be one of the most open in many years with half a dozen or more drivers in with a good chance of victory.  The bookmakers cannot call it as they’ve got Hamilton as favourite at 3-1 with another six drivers shorter odds than 10-1.  I’ll go through those who I think have a decent chance of winning.

Hamilton I would agree is the favourite as McLaren tend to go well here and Lewis is overdue a victory with some good driving this season and not many errors.  However, the McLaren has not always been on the pace and the team has had problems with their pit-stops so he is by no means guaranteed a win.

I rate Pastor Maldonado as having a good chance and perhaps he is second favourite this weekend.  Last year he went well at Monaco and he has won here in lower formulae.  The Williams looks to be quite strong at the moment and it is easy on its tyres and that is very crucial around this circuit.

Both Lotus cars have been strong recently and they are overdue a win.  Raikkonen especially is a driver who has the ability to extract the most out of the car around the confines of Monaco and I feel he has a good chance of winning.  If he does win it would make it 6 different winners in the first 6 races and from 6 different constructors and there is a good chance that could happen.  His team mate Grosjean also has a chance and he’s French so has home advantage and he has also won here in lower formulae.

You can never rule out Fernando Alonso either and he has a good history around the track and the Ferrari has improved of late and this circuit is more about the driver than the car.  It’s forecast to be a wet race and if that turns out to be the case then Fernando might be favourite as he won the last wet race we had at Malaysia.

Another driver in with a good chance if it’s not a dry race would be Jenson Button who has made a habit of winning races in the last few season where the conditions have been changeable.

It speaks volumes that I am not talking about either Red Bull driver until this far into the article after they dominated the last couple of season so strongly.  However, they’ve not really looked the quickest at any race and certainly not dominated but Sebastian Vettel is still a contender for the win here. His team mate Webber has also won recently at Monaco and has a chance, albeit a slimmer one.

I believe the winner for tomorrow will come from those above, Mercedes who have won a race this season are too hard on their tyres in my opinion to be serious contenders but Michael Schumacher might have a chance if it’s a wet race as he has won here several times and can be mercurial in the wet.

Having written all of this we’ll probably see a Sauber victory now!

There’s a poll on the Fantasy F1 League website where you can see what other people are thinking, have a look and vote if you haven’t already:

F1 2012: Unpredictable

Pastor Maldonado celebtrates his maiden F1 win

I don’t think anyone predicted a Maldonado pole and win, in fact you could have had odds of 500-1 against that happening.  It’s been an incredible and unpredictable start to the season and surely we cannot have another new winner in Monaco?

I’ve put a poll on the site and so far Hamilton is by far favourite to win at Monaco with around 50% of the vote and you’d have to say he is a good contender for the victory.

If you’ve not voted then please do so in the poll, on the right hand side of the site:

Personally after watching F1 since I was 6 years old back in the 1970s, with an expert knowledge of the cars and drivers, I haven’t got a clue who is going to win!

If it’s Raikkonen then that would be 6 different drivers from 6 different teams winning the first 6 races, that would be fairly interesting!