Canada Dry?

ImageCanada often produces wet races but this years forecast is for a gloriously sunny race although qualifying may have some showers.  To be fair this season has been exciting enough that we don’t really need the rain and the track at Montreal does tend to produce good racing with plenty of overtaking.

With such an unpredictable set of results thus far, I am not going to be making any bold predictions, but I will have a bit of a stab at who may go well.

The Gilles Villeneuve Circuit is all about straight line speed with 4 long straights, but braking is also very important and the track has a reputation for breaking cars.  

McLaren have won here in the past two years and also back in 2007 when Hamilton took his maiden win, they must have a good chance of winning again and if Hamilton does it that would be 7 different winners for the first 7 races.

The same statistic will become reality if either Lotus driver can win and they also have chances as the Lotus is excellent down the straights.

However, with their double DRS, Mercedes must also be in with a good shout here, especially in qualifying mode, expect a Mercedes pole, if Schumacher can win then we get the 7th different winner as well.

Red Bull have made some improvements of late but how will the changed car perform?  The team recently was told that the holes near the rear of the car are illegal and they have been forced to make changes to the design.  Having said that aerodynamics, or more precisely down-force, isn’t as key around here.

Ferrari are probably the only other team who have a chance to win and Alonso has been very vocal in saying the team must move forward every race.

I wouldn’t rule out Williams but it does seem that their drivers lack the consistency to win again this season, time will tell!

The race should be very open and with the DRS we should see a lot of overtaking, this will be a good tonic after the Monaco procession of two weeks ago.

I’m putting a poll onto the Fantasy-F1-League website so please vote if you have a good idea about who might win.


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