British Grand Prix Review

Webber leads the British Grand Prix

After the torrential rain that dominated practise and qualifying, with the terrible forecasts for the race, it was typical of the British Weather that we saw a completely dry race.

Fernando Alonso looked like he was going to win for much of the race as he dominated early on but eventually the pace of the Red Bulls shone through and Mark Webber took the lead with just three laps to go.  Webber is now the second driver after Alonso to win two races this season and the other teams must now be worried about the pace of the Red Bull car.

The Ferrari was pretty much on the pace of the Red Bull on the harder compound tyre but struggled a little with the softer tyres, this was the story for a lot of the teams and it is only the fact that the Red Bull seems more consistent on either set that Webber was able to win the race.

So while Red Bull dominate, Ferrari have made some excellent progress and are not far behind, Massa pulled off one of his best races so far this season to come home in fourth, not too far behind Vettel.

It now looks like a straight fight between Alonso and the Red Bull drivers, but you have to say that Alonso is favourite despite the Red Bull appearing to be the quicker car as he has the full backing of his team and his team mate is unlikely to take any points from him all season.  The same cannot be said for Red Bull as both drivers are fighting hard over every point and despite the team favouring Vettel in the past surely they cannot do the same this season with Webber performing so well.  Having said that you can’t really see them favouring Webber either due to the political situation in the team and the perception that brand Vettel will shift more cans of pop.

McLaren disappointed again and despite no pit stop issues for a change, they simply don’t have the pace to compete and the season looks like being over for both their drivers in terms of the championship.  I can see them winning the odd race but they simply aren’t going to produce the consistency of results they need to win overall.  Hamilton struggled to h0ld on to the 8th place he started on the grid while Button did produce a decent drive to finish 10th after starting 16th.

Lotus now seem to have established themselves as the third team and had similar issues to Ferrari but the other way around, they were the quickest car out there on the softer tyres which makes you wonder why they didn’t use them for the second and third stint rather than just the final one.  This underlines the fact that the tyres are so unpredictable this season and the teams by and large still don’t understand them.

Raikkonen finished a creditable fifth while Grosjean was probably the driver of the day coming from 9th on the grid to finish in 6th place.

Mercedes had a reasonable day with Schumacher coming home 7th to beat both McLarens while Williams disappointed yet again.  Sauber were also disappointing but it seems as though they may have been gambling on a wet race.

I had some problems updating the results after the race as I tried to do it too soon, the results are fetched from the site that appeared to have updated but in actual fact they’d updated the “front” page to show the result but the actual results page still had qualifying results on it.  This meant that the script produced some very odd results and it took me about three hours to fix.  Apologies for the inconvenience, it seems to be correct now but please do check and let me know if you find any issues, thanks for your patience!

So, it’s off to Germany for the next round on July 22nd, Mclaren have done well here in the past so perhaps we can see a racer contested by more than just two teams.


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