2015 Season Predictions

I’ve had a few people comment on how the £100M budget for 2015 doesn’t go very far.  I did consider raising it or revaluing some of the drivers and teams but decided it was too late to do this as a lot of people have already picked their teams.

But I’d like to give some advice, although my predictions often go awry you may want to take them with a pinch of salt!

Based on what we’ve seen so far in pre-season testing, Mercedes still appear to have the dominant package overall.  However, they don’t seem to be as dominant as 2014 so they aren’t good value for money.  With over 50% of those voting on the site thinking that Hamilton will be champion for 2015 you’d think he might be worth having in the team, indeed over half the teams have picked him and he is the most popular driver.

But he’s also the most expensive at £38.4M which is well over a third of the total budget available

I expect that Hamilton may well win the title again but even if he does it’s unlikely to be as dominant as 2014 was as Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull for starters all seem much closer in testing.  For this reason I would say Hamilton is not good value for money but Alonso (less than half the cost at £16.1M) and  Vettel at £16.7M are both better value.  Jenson Button at £12.6M also offers potential value but how will McLaren fare with their new engines?

A real bargain is Daniil Kvyat as he is only £1M due to last season’s lack of points, but now driving a front running car he is likely to score a lot of points for that £1M so is good value.

In the engine/aero/chasses department, Mercedes cost almost double the cost of any other team and so don’t represent good value.

If you believe that McLaren will take a major step forward with Honda power then they are good value at only £9.1M and Ferrari too will be worth having if they can make improvements over a dismal 2014 performance.

Whatever you choose, good luck!

Much bette


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