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I am sending a generic email so sorry about that, but due to the volumes of emails I am getting I cannot respond personally to them all.

1.  My host migrated the site onto a new server on Sunday, they did this as Sunday is a quiet day for most sites, obviously they didn’t realise it was the first race of the season that day, so that’s the first problem!

2.  The site migration went well, everything is present and correct so don’t worry, your data is not lost or corrupt.

3.  However – crucially they forgot to update the nameserver details for the site on the new server, so from approximately 8PM Sunday people were seeing Internal Server Error (500) as the DNS servers tried to connect to the old server.

4.  I noticed this and raised a support ticket, getting a response at 9 AM on Monday to say the nameservers were now updated.

5.  I noticed things hadn’t improved by 4 PM (nameserver updates take a few hours) and so escalated this again.

6.  The host then realised the namesever update hadn’t taken effect for technical reasons I won’t go into there, but they then resolved this at 6 PM Monday advising it could take up to 24 hours to fully update across all DNS servers.

7.  During Tuesday some people were able to login but others were getting a cached version of the site from about 2 months ago, so it looked to them as though their details had gone as they could not login or even get a password reminder as that old version didn’t have their details.

8.  Currently the situation hasn’t changed, some can login to the current site and some get the old cached version, I have escalated this with my host again.

I can confirm the database and code base is OK and current as I can login to the backend to check.  I can only ask for a little more patience as DNS updates can take longer than 24 hours as each ISP/DNS owner can have their own rules regards how long they cache details for.

If you want to know more about this type of issue search for “time to linger” and “DNS propogation”

I am not in a position to do any more with this and my host may not be able to either, I will see if things improve by tomorrow and if not may move to another host – I will only do this if I believe it will resolve the issue after consulting with an expert!

Finally I am sorry about this, believe me nobody is more frustrated than I am, after running the site for 6 seasons I have never had such an issue.

If you have further questions let me know but I may not respond quickly.

Thanks for your patience and support,



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